Tax Assessor-Collector

Boat Registration Information

The Gregg County Tax Office processes boat registrations at the Gregg County Courthouse location only.

We do not process boat and motor title transactions.  For help with boat and motor title transactions, please contact Texas Parks and Wildlife Boat Information Hotline at (800) 262-8755.  You may also visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife Website ( and use the Boating link to get answers to most questions and print any forms that you need.

To renew your boat registration in Gregg County, please bring the following:

  • The Renewal Notice mailed to you by Texas Parks and Wildlife or you will need to fill out TWP Form 143M

  • Valid picture ID

  • Appropriate fee – We accept cash, check, money order, credit and debit cards.  There is a convenience fee of 2.2% with a minimum of $1.00 on credit cards and $1.75 on debit cards.

Per Texas Parks and Wildlife restrictions, only the owner of record may renew a boat registration.  If you are not the owner of record, you must have a signed renewal form or TPW Form 581, authorizing you to renew the registration for the owner of record.