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Kelli L. Davis CPPB, NIGP-CPP
Purchasing Agent

The Gregg County Purchasing Department exists to provide the best customer service possible to all Gregg County Departments in a fair and equitable manner and to protect the interests of the Gregg County Taxpayers in all county expenditures. Included in this responsibility is assuring fair treatment to all vendors doing business with Gregg County without regard to political pressure or discrimination.

Authority - Texas Local Government Code 262.011
The Gregg County Purchasing Agent is responsible to direct and oversee the county procurement process for all elected and appointed officials. Your Purchasing Office is the "single point of contact" for doing business with Gregg County. The office is overseen by a Purchasing Agent who is appointed by the Gregg County Purchasing Board. This board is comprised of Gregg County's three District Judges, and the County Judge. County purchasing procedures are governed by Texas statutes, Local Government Code, Chapter 262. These statues, including interpretation of them made by Texas courts, are the ultimate authority on the validity of purchasing procedures. The Purchasing Agent of Gregg County is responsible for purchasing all supplies, materials, and equipment required or used, and contract for repairs to property used by the County and supervises all purchases and contracts required by law to be made on competitive bid. The purchasing agent maintains surplus inventory and disposes of all excess, obsolete or unserviceable equipment by auction, or other mean as provided by law.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Gregg County Purchasing Department is to procure goods and services in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. This is accomplished by standardization, competitive bidding on the basis of adequate specifications, and cooperative purchasing; all in compliance with the Texas Local Government Code (LGC), other relevant laws and best business practices.

Office Location:
Gregg County Purchasing Department
101 East Methvin Street, Suite 205
Longview, Texas 75601

General Contact Information:

Kelli Davis, CPPB, NIGP-CPP Purchasing Agent
Rhonda Modisette,  CTCD, CPPB Assistant Purchasing Agent
Tasha McBride, Senior Buyer, Grants
Amber Watson, Buyer, Inventory Specialist
Dasha Caldwell, Buyer, Executive Assistant
Russell Buffington, Inventory/Auctions

Email: (Utilize this email to contact any purchasing staff)
Phone: 903-234-3136
Fax:     903-309-2577